Javdays is an affiliate of Teamticos, LLC.


Teamticos LLc is a Los Angeles based technical support service. We provide computer systems support, maintenance, application development, network installation and web design. We are a tight group of developers that band together to provide solutions to our clients no matter what the platform.  We currently have projects in the USA, Europe and Africa, and Asia.


Our contract and maintenance services are available to both English and Spanish speaking clients.  Use the contact us form to get a hold of us.


If you need a web presence? Let Latech.services help you get your domain name, and a place to host your site. We even offer a free web site builder that requires no prior knowledge.




This site is dedicated to our business clients.  Through unique login credentials we allow our clients to preview their soon to be delivered work product.  We install and test plugins, applications,  and methodologies on this site. Please note that content posted to this site will remain the property of this site.  Personal data will not be shared with third parties unless it is necessary as a means of demonstation of a feature, application or method.




TeamTicos, LLC welcomes both the business and casual user. Please register for an account to access your protected data, settle your accounts and request and monitor support requests.  


This site will change periodically as required by our members.  Nonetheless, if you have an account on the system, even if the interface has changed, your data will still be protected and migrated.


Please use the Rapid Contact form if you need additional help or information.  We will respond within 24 hours.


Thanks for visiting  http://javdays.com/.



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